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Deficiencies of hyperboloid aluminum veneer mold opening

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-04-23 17:02:41
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The hyperboloid aluminum veneer is a special kind of aluminum veneer products, which is famous for its beautiful arc. It is mainly used in some of the requirements of the arc of the building curtain wall, or indoor ceiling and other occasions. However, there are many ways to make hyperbolic aluminum veneer, one of which is mold processing.

The so-called open mold processing is based on the style of the hyperbolic aluminum veneer, according to the proportion of the object to make the corresponding grinding tools, and then use the mold for processing and production. However, there is a drawback. If all the hyperbolic aluminum veneer styles are enough or the angles are different, the cost of opening the mold will rise virtually, not to mention the price of the last hyperbolic aluminum veneer, a large part of which is contributed to the grinding tools. This is one of the disadvantages of this method.

  另外,磨具成形需要很长的时间,生产周期很长。但实际情况是,一般用到Aluminum veneer安装的工程,基本上都到了工程快结束的时间,这也是对工程进度要求比较紧的时间。所以开个磨具做hyperboloid aluminum veneerIt is also unrealistic. Aluminum veneer manufacturers are likely to fail to deliver on time, which will lead to delays in the project, one link and one link, forming a vicious circle.

Hyperboloid modeling is difficult to do, but through the practice of skilled craftsmen, it can be made by other methods, which is the straight instead of music method.

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