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Curved aluminum veneer with complex process

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  • Release date: 2020-04-23 17:03:35
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Due to the progress of technology, aluminum veneer products are gradually enriched, in which there are many different from the conventional plate shape, such as curved aluminum veneer, trapezoidal aluminum veneer, polygonal irregular plate and a variety of customized processing of special plate type. Among them, the arc plate has a wonderful radian, with different colors, can be applied to different occasions, to create different effects. The common curved aluminum plate is usually made of arc, reverse arc and corrugated plate, which can be used for building curtain wall, indoor ceiling, indoor and outdoor column and some curved buildings with individual characteristics. However, we know that the more beautiful and beautiful things that can be decorated, the greater the cost and the greater the effort it takes.

  arc-shaped aluminum veneerSpecial shape, usually with rolling arc machine for processing production. The production process of single aluminum veneer is to fold the edge first and then roll arc treatment. The treatment process is much more troublesome than that of conventional aluminum veneer. Such as hyperbolic aluminum veneer, spherical aluminum veneer processing process will be more troublesome and time-consuming. From the production difficulty, the arc-shaped aluminum veneer is the most complex one of the aluminum veneer processing technology, the radius of the arc, the curvature of the arc of the interaction between the design and installation is often the place where there are more problems. Therefore, in the process of transportation, we must also pay attention to strengthening protection.

Speaking of which, many people should think about it. In this case, is its price also very high? In fact, it is a modeling board. Compared with the conventional board, it takes more time to make, and the price is relatively high, but it is mainly determined according to the designer\'s drawings. In general, arc-shaped plates are rarely used, but they are also very common.

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