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Brief Introduction of Manufacturing Process of Hyperbolic Aluminum Single Plate

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-04-23 17:01:53
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More and more urban buildings no longer rigidly adhere to the square in shape, but show a variety of artistic forms, such as spherical buildings, or imitating some creatures.

The following picture is an effect picture of Harbin Grand Theater:

It can be seen that such a project construction is difficult and complex.

Returning to a smaller topic, we are going to study the metal decoration of this building surface: free curved panel, which is also known as hyperbolic aluminum veneer in the construction industry. Then the following aluminum tripod decoration briefly introduces you to the production process of hyperbolic aluminum veneer.

The first step is to adopt a suitable process according to different curvatures and plate shapes.

The second step is to make templates according to the drawings.

The third step is to use a four-roll rounding machine in the X direction to round the plate according to the single plate process first, and then use local point welding in the Y direction to bend the plate surface to the required radian.

The fourth step, according to the template of the initial forming of the workpiece inspection, local areas and then secondary correction.

The fifth step, around the installation side for welding.

In the sixth step, for special double-curved plates, open-die hydroforming or pull-up forming can be used.

The seventh step, after forming, but also after welding, grinding, polishing, cleaning, painting, a variety of aluminum veneer is completed.

  这种hyperbolic aluminum veneerMainly used for sphere decorative surface, hyperbolic arc decorative surface.

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