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What are the reasons that affect the quality of wood grain aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-06-10 16:38:53
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First, the reason for the aluminum substrate
Different aluminum alloy models have different hardness, plasticity and processability, and will also bring different effects to the performance of wood grain aluminum veneer products. Therefore, when the operator chooses the aluminum alloy model, he must consider whether its hardness and workability are suitable for the production and decoration of wood grain aluminum veneer.
Second, the problem of transfer paper.
The degree of fidelity of wood grain aluminum veneer effect, color difference size is directly related to the selection of transfer paper, the selection of excellent quality, superior performance of transfer paper can make the effect better, more realistic, the selection of poor quality transfer paper will lead to color difference is too large, the effect of distortion, thus affecting the final decoration effect.
Third, the operator\'s level of operation technology
一般来说,wood grain aluminum veneer热转印技术是对操作者施工技术和水平要求非常严格的,当操作者在施工过程中没有控制好施工温度,施工环境以施工时间的长短,都有可能会造成制作过程的前功尽弃。
What are the reasons that affect the quality of wood grain aluminum veneer
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