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How to judge the pros and cons of carved aluminum plate

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-11-09 17:16:30
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No matter in any industry, a production enterprise needs to start from the product quality, quality is the basis of enterprise development, if the product quality can not be guaranteed, then it will cause some security risks, then in the carved aluminum industry is also the same, product quality is not only the influence of the decorative effect, but also affect the practicality of the product. Today, the editor will talk about the factors that affect the quality of aluminum products. Look at how to distinguish the pros and cons of aluminum plate.
How to judge the pros and cons of carved aluminum plate
1. Look at the smoothness of the product appearance
To see whether the surface is flat, whether combined in the bend, usually as a raw material to the processing and production of high-quality aluminum products, plate processing equipment and the technical level of workers will affect the flatness of the aluminum plate surface changes, usually, aluminum plate through the CNC machine about 2cm high, after bending should be maintained at about 90 degrees. According to these standards, the appearance quality of the aluminum plate can be judged.
2. Observe the surface coating of the aluminum plate.
High-quality carved aluminum plates generally use high-standard imported coatings, which can ensure that the paint surface during the spraying process is more smooth and wear-resistant. It not only requires good paint, but also requires advanced spraying equipment. Generally, it is an automatic electrostatic spraying production line. It can better ensure that the uniform density of the paint surface is consistent, and it is generally necessary to have no dust in the dust-free workshop. Therefore, the spraying process can ensure that the surface accuracy of the aluminum plate is high, and the hand feeling is also very smooth, so that the surface of the aluminum plate has no color difference and reaches the aluminum plate spraying standard.
3. Observation of aluminum plate thickness
Observe the aluminum plate thickness standard, this kind of aluminum plate meets the national standard in quality. In some fake and inferior aluminum plate products, the wall thickness error is large, the middle is relatively thin, and the gap of the product joint is also large.
4. Compression performance test of aluminum plate
Can be forced to press the middle part of the aluminum plate, to see if there is deformation, the general high quality aluminum plate products its strength is not good, can meet the national standard range of decorative building materials, and some inferior aluminum plate products, its compression ability is very poor, forced pressing will be deformed, so as to ensure the effect and quality of decoration.
The comprehensive method can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the carved aluminum plate, and generally can judge the quality of the product. I hope these contents can be helpful to you.
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