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What are the characteristics of single-layer aluminum veneer curtain wall

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  • Release date: 2020-11-04 14:03:01
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Aluminum veneer curtain walls are now visible everywhere. In the curtain wall decoration materials, single-layer aluminum veneer is considered good! Because in the case of aluminum veneer curtain wall needs to be repaired, single-layer aluminum veneer is the most convenient and quick. Compared with double-layer, single-layer price is low and service life will not be shortened, so single-layer aluminum veneer curtain wall is popular.
What are the characteristics of single-layer aluminum veneer curtain wall
Single-layer aluminum veneer is easier to bend and form complex shapes, and can better adapt to the changing needs of endless building exterior wall decoration. Single-layer aluminum veneer is usually made of 2mm thick aluminum alloy. In order to strengthen the surface strength of single-layer aluminum veneer, stiffeners must be installed on the back of the aluminum veneer, and the stiffeners are made of thick aluminum strips. First, use a flash welder to weld screw caps on the back of the aluminum veneer, then drill the aluminum strips used as reinforcing ribs into the screws and fix them with screws.
单层Aluminum veneer易折弯加工成复杂的形状,强度高寿命长(可达20年),因而它的出现使aluminum veneer curtain wall在外形、加工、安装构造等方面都丰富了许多。
Aluminum veneer curtain wall manufacturers believe that they have professional design and management personnel and strong technical force. And the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment, set mixing, punching, forming, spraying and other one-stop operations to meet the high standards of our customers.
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