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What are the differences between aluminum veneer and aluminum gusset

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-03-16 16:39:10
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The application of metal aluminum curtain wall has existed in China for decades, and the curtain wall decoration materials still in use include: aluminum veneer, aluminum gusset plate and aluminum honeycomb panel. In these three kinds of curtain wall decoration materials, the most commonly used are aluminum veneer and aluminum gusset. So, what is the difference between aluminum veneer and aluminum gusset? Please follow the small series of building materials to pay attention to it.
What are the differences between aluminum veneer and aluminum gusset
As we all know, aluminum veneer is a decorative material for curtain wall produced and processed by fluorocarbon spraying or powder spraying technology after chrome plating and other treatments. Fluorocarbon spraying mainly refers to polyvinylidene fluoride resin (KANAR500), divided into: primer, topcoat, varnish three.
Aluminum gusset plate is based on aluminum alloy plate, through cutting, corner cutting, forming. The surface of the aluminum gusset plate is processed by various coatings to obtain various aluminum gusset plate products. Aluminum gusset plates are mainly divided into two categories: aluminum gusset plates for home decoration and industrial aluminum gusset plates. At the beginning, aluminum gusset plates for home decoration are mainly two series of products of roller coating and frosting.
In fact, the main difference is the application scenario, in which the integrated ceiling aluminum gusset is mainly used in indoor ceiling, and the application of aluminum veneer curtain wall is more extensive, not only can be used for indoor ceiling, but also can be used for building interior and exterior wall decoration, can also be used for advertising signs and other scenes. Due to the different application places, there are many differences between aluminum veneer and aluminum gusset plate in many aspects.
2、在规格参数方面,Aluminum veneer常规厚度有。2.0mmAluminum veneer、2.5mmAluminum veneer、3.0mmAluminum veneer、4.0mmAluminum veneer。Aluminum veneer常用的尺寸有:。600mm*600mm、600mm*1200mm、1000mm*2000mm、1220mm*2440mm、1250mm*2500mm等。更多的尺寸、图案、表面颜色都可以由上海Aluminum veneer厂家定制。
Therefore, due to the different specifications and thickness requirements, the performance of aluminum veneer or aluminum gusset is very large. In addition, aluminum veneer and aluminum gusset plate are also slightly different in specific classification. Aluminum gusset plate can be divided into home decoration aluminum ceiling and industrial aluminum ceiling, mainly in the direction of home decoration, while aluminum veneer is mostly used in major municipal construction projects.
3. The aluminum veneer curtain wall adopts high-grade aluminum alloy plate as the base material. Through advanced numerical control bending technology, it ensures that the plate is flat and not deformed during processing. During the installation process, it has super resistance to external force, uniform surface color, anti ultraviolet radiation, oxidation resistance and super corrosion resistance.
4, aluminum gusset generally refers to the thickness of 1.2mm below the aluminum plate. The key to the aluminum gusset plate is not the thickness, but the material. The aluminum gusset plate for home decoration can be 0.6mm. Because the aluminum gusset plate is different from the span problem of plastic steel plate, the key is to choose the elasticity and toughness of the plate, followed by the surface treatment of the aluminum gusset plate.
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