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What are the application processes of wood grain aluminum veneer

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  • Release date: 2020-10-27 11:13:51
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wood grain aluminum veneerIt is one of the widely used and popular aluminum veneer in the market now. Because its imitation wood grain can already achieve the effect of fake and real, and wood grain aluminum veneer is more waterproof, moisture-proof and anticorrosive than other materials, and is also more heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. The key points are its light weight, good resistance, easy cleaning, and high recyclability value of aluminum, so more and more customers choose wood grain aluminum veneer;
What are the application processes of wood grain aluminum veneer
Wood grain aluminum veneer is widely used
Wood grain aluminum veneer is widely used and can be used indoors as well as indoors. Whether it is home decoration or public clothing; All kinds of wood grain aluminum sheets are also known as the golden oil in the aluminum veneer industry . For example, for indoor use, wood grain aluminum veneer with different lines can be customized one by one with indoor decoration style. However, for outdoor use, it is more conventional wood grain color, which will have higher cost performance. However, no matter where it is used, the superior performance of wood grain aluminum veneer satisfies users;
wood grain aluminum veneerThe process of making
Pickling and spraying are believed to be familiar to everyone, but the process of wood grain aluminum veneer is not only limited to these two key words, but also wood grain paper, high temperature, transfer printing, etc. The following is a general process of wood grain aluminum veneer;
1, the first processing plate (ignoring the processing plate more than a dozen processes)
2. After processing, it needs to be polished. The edges and corners of the panel are polished and smooth, and there should be no particles or unevenness.
3. After polishing, enter the pickling tank for cleaning to clean the ash particles and oil stains;
4. Spray the first primer;
6, into the oven for transfer
7. Cooling out of the oven;
wood grain aluminum veneerThere are many manufacturers, but there are not many manufacturers who can really do a good job because of their special technology. The primer of wood grain aluminum veneer, wood grain paper and hot pressing process all have certain technical content and are not as simple as seeing. However, no matter how to find a suitable manufacturer is the key point;
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