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Wood grain aluminum veneer to solve the current factors

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-03-19 14:00:25
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Now many friends buy a new house to worry about the curtain wall material is not good-looking, also worry about good-looking quality is not durable and so on. It\'s okay to try this wood grain aluminum veneer. People always need to know something new so as to increase their knowledge and wisdom.
Wood grain aluminum veneer to solve the current factors
There are many reasons to worry about the curtain wall is not good-looking or not durable, summarized as follows:
1, not good-looking, of course, do curtain wall to do good-looking to satisfy the owners, even if it is done for yourself, also don\'t want to do casually, good-looking or not it doesn\'t matter!
2, not durable, as a building decoration appearance, if it can not be used for a long time, it means that you may have to be ready to replace, because bumps are inevitable.
3. There is a peculiar smell. Nowadays, many buildings still use the method of painting, which leads to uninhabited new houses, and the spread of harmful formaldehyde gases, which damages the health of children, especially children.
4, flammable, now most of the domestic fire is caused by indoor wire short circuit or decoration of flammable materials.
5. Anti-fouling, indoor kitchen is the most serious place with stains, but the hall or bedroom also needs anti-fouling materials, especially for families with children, children are easy to scribble, which is hard to prevent!
6, damp, in many places in the south have the phenomenon of building damp, if it is painted latex paint will fall off the phenomenon, the floor will appear a layer of water, plastic damp regret fading, iron damp easy to rust.
However, now wood grain aluminum veneer this material has solved the above series of problems, wood grain aluminum veneer has the following characteristics:
1. Strong customization, don\'t worry about not looking good, are customized according to customer needs.
2. Durable, wood grain aluminum veneer light weight, very durable.
3. This material is an environmentally friendly material, don\'t worry about its peculiar smell.
4. Aluminum veneer this material is fireproof.
5. Easy to clean, convenient maintenance.
6. It has weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
The characteristics of wood grain aluminum veneer have well solved the above-mentioned reasons for worrying that curtain walls are not good-looking or durable. Guangzhou kaimai metal building materials co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum veneer, such as fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, wood grain aluminum veneer, modeling aluminum veneer, stone aluminum veneer, porcelain-baked aluminum veneer, wire-drawn aluminum veneer and other aluminum veneer. kaimai has been focusing on aluminum veneer for more than 20 years!
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