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What are the customized processes for aluminum veneer manufacturers?

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  • Release date: 2020-07-09 11:13:59
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Due to the diversity of modern architectural styles, ordinary aluminum veneer shape and aluminum veneer color can not fully meet the actual needs of customers, so many customers need to customize products with aluminum veneer manufacturers, and more and more aluminum veneer manufacturers are also introducing customized products.务。那么Aluminum veneer manufacturers的定制服务流程是怎么样的,怎么快速的和Aluminum veneer manufacturers建立起合作关系呢。一般情况下,Aluminum veneer manufacturers的定制服务有几个步骤:
What are the customized processes for aluminum veneer manufacturers?
First, the communication link, first establish a pre-cooperation relationship with customers, so that customers feel the desire to cooperate.
Second, let customers provide engineering drawings or project engineering drawings, so that engineers from aluminum veneer manufacturers can provide professional and high-quality solutions.
Third, let customers provide detailed product demand information, such as product pattern, product size, product color, product demand, product use and packaging requirements, so that manufacturers can arrange production.
Fourth, according to the information provided to the customer quotation and the final check and confirmation.
Fifth, arrange for production after confirmation.
Sixth, arrange shipment after the end of production, logistics tracking, notify customers to receive goods.
Customized products will become more and more popular, because the public aesthetic is changing, people\'s pursuit of personalized decoration is becoming more and more intense, customization can be produced on demand, and more able to meet people\'s needs.
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