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Why can't imitation stone grain aluminum veneer be sprayed with paint

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-12-01 16:19:35
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Imitation stone pattern aluminum veneer is a kind of product with characteristics in aluminum veneer products. Its appearance is very close to the stone color and can be used as a substitute for stone materials. At present, the aluminum veneer industry is mainly processed and produced through thermal transfer technology. The method of pasting stone grain transfer paper on the aluminum plate is used, and then some processes are used to process and form it. Then consumers may question, not to say that the aluminum veneer product is painted. Why can\'t the imitation stone grain aluminum veneer be sprayed with paint, but the thermal transfer technology?
Why can't imitation stone grain aluminum veneer be sprayed with paint
In fact, we can also use paint spraying to make stone pattern aluminum veneer. However, in general, aluminum veneer manufacturers will not choose this method, mainly because it consumes manpower and material resources, and has high technical requirements. It is likely that after painting, the final processing effect is not good. This is the main reason.
And aluminum veneer paint spraying is generally using electrostatic paint atomization spraying, but if you want to use the spraying method to process into stone color, you need to transform the spray gun into a point spray nozzle. This increases the difficulty of processing. Therefore, aluminum veneer manufacturers generally use thermal transfer technology to process and make imitation stone aluminum veneer.
It is worth mentioning that: imitation stone pattern aluminum veneer was initially used as a substitute for stone materials, but later in practical application, we slowly found that the advantages of imitation stone pattern aluminum veneer is incomparable to stone, so we prefer this kind of aluminum veneer products. However, I believe that with the development of aluminum veneer industry, imitation stone aluminum veneer will have more practical functions waiting for us to explore.
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