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How to control the quality of exterior wall aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-09-17 09:22:20
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At present, the exterior wall aluminum veneer is an important development direction of the aluminum veneer industry, and the product function and innovation will be further improved, more in line with the user experience and actual needs. But in order to always maintain the attractiveness of the essential or to ensure the quality of aluminum veneer, then as an exterior wall aluminum veneer manufacturers, can do?
Through practice, we know that the quality of aluminum veneer has a direct relationship with the entire exterior wall, so it is very important to control the quality of the purchase of the plate. The thickness of the exterior wall aluminum veneer is generally about 3mm. In order to strengthen the strength of the aluminum plate, reinforcing ribs are installed on the back of the aluminum plate. First of all, we need to weld the screw caps on the back of the aluminum plate, and then put the aluminum strip as a reinforcing rib into the screw, and the two are fixed. This can strengthen the resistance of the aluminum plate, and can be intact under external pressure. If it is the use of places with special attention to sound insulation or insulation factors, you can also place rock wool, slag wool or foam treatment on the inside of the aluminum veneer. There is also the choice of exterior wall aluminum veneer surface treatment technology, which has anodic oxidation and electrostatic spraying. First of all, anodizing has the advantages of strong stain resistance, easy cleaning, good weather resistance, strong metal feeling, high fire resistance and good processability. At present, it also has more than 20 years of successful application experience, and has gradually become popular in China\'s curtain wall industry. Many large landmark buildings have adopted anodized exterior aluminum veneer. Secondly, electrostatic spraying has the advantages of uniform coating and diverse colors, the choice of color relative to anodic oxidation will be more, the choice of space. In addition, the aluminum veneer after spraying has excellent non-adhesion, the surface energy is difficult to adhere to pollutants, easy to clean. In addition, the manufacturability of the exterior wall aluminum veneer manufacturers is still very good. The process of first processing and then spraying can be used to process various shapes such as finished surface, arc and spherical surface.
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