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Aluminum veneer is divided into different types

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  • Release date: 2020-12-14 10:00:55
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目前建筑装饰市场上,Aluminum veneerIt is one of the most active building decoration materials. After decades of development, aluminum veneer has developed from the initial single product to a variety of types, today, what are the types of aluminum veneer. According to the shape style of aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer can be divided into different types:
1. Conventional aluminum veneer: square aluminum veneer or rectangular aluminum veneer (can be sprayed in different colors); aluminum veneer refers to the building decoration materials formed by processing after chromizing and other treatments, and then using fluorocarbon spraying technology. Fluorocarbon coating mainly refers to polyvinylidene fluoride tree (KANAR500), divided into primer, topcoat, varnish three. The spraying process is generally divided into two coating, three coating or four coating. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, excellent cold and heat resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, can maintain long-term non-fading, non-chalking, long service life.
The structure of aluminum veneer is mainly composed of panels, reinforcing ribs and corner codes. The size of the molded large workpiece can reach 8000mm × 1800mm(L×W). The coating adopts famous brand coatings such as PPG of the United States, Valspar of the United States, Akzo Nobel AkzoNobel of the Netherlands, KCC of South Korea, etc. The coating is divided into two coatings and one baking, three coatings and two baking, and its coating performance reaches the AAMA2605-98 standards of AAMA (American Building Manufacturing Association) and ASCA American Building Spraying Association).
Aluminum veneer is divided into different types
Hollow out as a kind of carving art, need exquisite cut delicate craft. The designer skillfully integrates this element into modern architectural decoration, bringing us fashionable and personalized decorative art. The engraved plate can be a flat plate that extends deep into the space and has the function of light transmission and ventilation.
Different patterns, size and density of the hole change collocation make the surface of the object dynamic, combined with different shape environment for special-shaped treatment, the other line is more lively, elegant, breaking through the traditional modeling concept, more suitable for a variety of modern high-level clubs, office and other occasions, for the vibrant fashion family has opened up endless thinking space, is indeed a practical and beautiful new form of decoration.
3. Imitation stone grain aluminum veneer:
Imitation stone grain aluminum veneer is the use of a certain thickness of aluminum alloy plate, according to the size of the project site design, shape and structure of the form of customized processing, and in its surface directly production simulation stone pattern pattern, is the preferred material for high-grade architectural decoration.
Imitation stone pattern aluminum veneer is suitable for any place, whether indoor or outdoor, such as hotels, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, stations, airports, stadiums, ships and other indoor and outdoor decoration. Some advertising signs and building curtain walls can also be replaced by imitation stone aluminum veneer.
4. Imitation wood grain aluminum veneer:
As the name implies, wood grain aluminum veneer is a kind of aluminum veneer product with surface treatment for wood grain thermal transfer, and it is also a product that imitates nature and goes beyond nature. Now everyone is advocating a healthy life of environmental protection and greening. With the enhancement of environmental awareness, more and more wood imitations have appeared in modern life, and wood grain aluminum veneer has naturally become the trend of the times. The wood grain aluminum veneer produced by Changsheng Building Materials adopts international brand wood grain paper material, with high-grade and gorgeous patterns, realistic color and texture, firm and wear-resistant patterns, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and non-harmful gas release, so that you do not have to worry about the peculiar smell and physical injury caused by paint and glue substances after decoration. It is of excellent quality and is the preferred material for high-grade architectural decoration.
5. Aluminum veneer with column:
Pillar aluminum veneer is a category distinguished by use in aluminum veneer.
It is mainly used for wall column outsourcing decoration. Its characteristics are the same as those of aluminum veneer. It has the advantages of light weight, good rigidity, acid and alkali resistance, good fire resistance, etc. The aluminum veneer process takes into account the radian of the arc of the column in the production of traditional Chinese medicine, which is different from the conventional planar aluminum veneer. Among them, there are several more processes, such as arc pressing-forming-adding back ribs.
6. Arc aluminum veneer
The arc-shaped column-wrapped aluminum veneer system adopts high-quality aluminum alloy panel as the base material and advanced numerical control bending technology to ensure that the plate can be flat and not deformed after processing, and the common resistance to external force is superior in the aluminum veneer installation process. The surface coating of Changsheng building materials aluminum veneer adopts American Langma fluorocarbon spraying equipment and American Aksu fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating to ensure uniform surface color, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation and super corrosion resistance. Changsheng building materials aluminum veneer manufacturing center has strong processing force and technical strength. It has many German numerical control shearing machines, numerical control bending machines and American stud welding machines. It is a famous special-shaped plate processing manufacturer in China.
7. Special-shaped aluminum veneer:
通常情况下,我们只是将一些经过较多工艺并且造型复杂的板型叫做异形Aluminum veneer。对于一般的异形Aluminum veneer,主要指一块儿Aluminum veneer折弯加工超过六刀及以上,都可算作异形板,其中不乏一些特殊形状,板面极不规则,不是通常看到的矩形板、方形板,而是需要经过划线进行切割或者经过雕刻机切割的,如三角形、梯形、超过四边形的多边形。较为复杂一点的还有弧形板(包含hyperbolic aluminum veneer等)、冲孔板、及需要焊接的长焊板等。
Applicable scope of aluminum veneer
Aluminum veneerCurtain wall is suitable for decoration of interior and exterior walls, lobby facade, column decoration, elevated corridor, pedestrian bridge, elevator wrapping, balcony packaging, advertising signs, indoor special-shaped ceiling, etc. Building exterior walls, beams and columns, balcony, canopy airport, station, hospital conference hall, opera house stadium reception hall and other high-rise buildings.
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