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What are the main application space of punching aluminum veneer

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  • Release date: 2022-01-07 11:57:33
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Modern buildings choose curtain wall design, one is to consider the curtain wall can play a role in protecting the building exterior wall from erosion, the other is to take into account the overall architectural aesthetic effect.

And our punching aluminum veneer is one of the more popular metal curtain wall materials, widely used in a variety of high-rise buildings. Punched aluminum veneer still occupies a certain position in curtain wall decoration materials, and there is still a lot of application space for punched aluminum veneer. The following small series will tell you about the main application space of punched aluminum veneer.

Punched aluminum veneer is a large category, we can also subdivide it into many product categories. For example: fluorocarbon punching aluminum veneer, column punching aluminum veneer, shaped punching aluminum veneer and so on.

According to the needs of the project processing, these can be customized production, first in the aluminum veneer manufacturers after the production and processing, and then shipped to the construction site for installation.

Different punching aluminum veneer products can be adapted to the requirements of different occasions, so this decorative material can be used in many occasions.

Application space of punched aluminum veneer

1. The exterior wall, beam column and balcony of the building. Aluminum curtain walls are durable; beams and columns can be used to punch aluminum veneer with wrapped columns, while fluorocarbon punched aluminum veneer is often used in canopies and has good corrosion resistance.

2. Widely used in large public facilities, such as airports, stations, hospitals, etc. These large public places have higher requirements for building decoration materials.

3. In addition to the above places, conference rooms, opera houses, stadiums, reception halls, etc., the use of punched aluminum veneer on these occasions mainly takes into account the decorative and silencing effects.

Advantages of punching aluminum veneer

1, can make the building look full of artistic sense, improve its grade;

2, its punching can make the room to achieve a ventilated, bright light effect;

3, light weight, easy to transport and install, and is a recyclable metal material. Meet the requirements of modern society for green building materials.

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