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Imitation stone grain fluorocarbon aluminum veneer customization is welcomed by everyone

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-01-25 17:24:12
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The positioning of stone in buildings has always been the wind of the atmosphere, but because its weight is too heavy, it is easy to break, and it cannot be used in many occasions, so more and more buildings have chosen imitation stone grain fluorocarbon aluminum veneer customization. The following is to introduce its benefits and characteristics.
Imitation stone grain fluorocarbon aluminum veneer customization is welcomed by everyone
Many people will have misunderstandings about the customization of imitation stone grain fluorocarbon aluminum veneer. Stone grain is a color, not a material. It is still sprayed with a simulation color similar to stone grain on the base plate. This is the spraying process of fluorocarbon paint. The grain and color are designed by computer, and then processed by transfer printing and spraying process.
Not only can it be sprayed with smooth and flat stone grain color, but it can also be processed into stone grain plates with concave and convex feel, which can have almost the same appearance and touch as stone, but its weight is a fraction of that of stone. It is also fireproof and waterproof, attracts noise reduction, and can be recycled while saving energy.
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