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Hyperbolic aluminum veneer price cost analysis

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-04-23 16:59:43
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Hyperbolic aluminum veneer is one of the many types of aluminum veneer products, and customers come to consult its quotation from time to time. When I heard our offer of several hundred yuan per square meter, I immediately lost my voice. Xiaobian also understood that they thought the price was too high. However, the high price of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is the reality of this industry. The following small series will discuss the cost behind its high price.

Like aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer does not have a fixed price because there are too many price cost components, such as raw material costs, processing costs, management costs, machine depreciation costs, resource costs, etc. To make aluminum veneer products, you have to need raw materials. People like aluminum plates will not provide them to you free of charge. In addition, during processing, there are many links such as sheet metal processing and paint spraying, which require the hard work of the workers and masters to complete the production. I believe everyone also understands how high the salary of an excellent skilled worker will be. In addition, costs such as site rental costs, management costs to maintain the daily operation of the plant, and water and electricity during processing are all important costs. There are many cost contents, which is also the content that needs to be considered when calculating the cost of all aluminum veneer.

  但上面说的还不是全部,hyperbolic aluminum veneer由于其造型的特殊,加工工艺不同于常规板,更耗费时间和精力。此外,hyperbolic aluminum veneer所需要的铝板型号(AA3003H24)有别与常规Aluminum veneer的材料,而且具体的设计图纸也会影响到具体价格。此外,Aluminum veneer还有淡季和旺季,这些都是影响hyperbolic aluminum veneer价格因素。

  hyperbolic aluminum veneerThe most critical reason why the price is relatively high is that its processing is time-consuming and laborious, and the yield is extremely low. There are few domestic manufacturers that can mass produce this type of plate.

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