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Surface spraying process of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

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  • Release date: 2021-08-27 11:33:46
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The role of each link in the surface spraying process of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is:
1. Pre-treatment of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer: decontamination and chemical treatment to produce chrome film, increase the binding force of coating and metal surface and anti-oxidation ability, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of paint film.
2. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer primer: its function is to improve the anti-penetration ability of the coating, enhance the protection of the substrate, and ensure the color uniformity of the topcoat coating.
3. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer topcoat coating: it provides the decorative color required by the aluminum material, protects the metal surface and enhances the anti-aging ability.
4, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer varnish: more effectively enhance the paint layer resistance to external erosion, protect the topcoat coating, the appearance of a more bright color.
5. Curing treatment of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer: three spraying layers generally require secondary curing.
Surface spraying process of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer
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