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The price of curved aluminum veneer is more expensive than flat plate

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  • Release date: 2020-04-23 17:05:04
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For curved aluminum veneer this shape is more distinctive products, many people are impressed by its graceful body. And now the building is not the traditional square shape, all kinds of complex and changeable shapes make people\'s eyes bright. And with the change is the aluminum veneer also needs to change, so there is a building material like curved aluminum veneer. Curved aluminum veneer is a kind of product, and there are various categories below, such as spherical, elliptical, single, wave and other shapes belong to its category.

  arc-shaped aluminum veneer从外形上看,确实非常吸引人,但是它的价格却比常规造型的Aluminum veneer要贵上不少。这是为什么呢?中间的原因很多,主要还是因为制作和加工的过程比较麻烦和复杂,由于线条特殊,需要特殊的机器进行专门的滚弧操作,此外在喷涂过程中肯定不能用机器进行喷涂了,只能采用人工进行尤其喷涂。这中间耗费了大量的人力和时间,还是用了其它的加工机器及设备。成本上一下子就就上去了,而且效率还比较低。

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