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hyperbolic aluminum veneer price why so expensive?

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-04-23 16:53:56
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At present, China\'s aluminum ingot market price has been hovering at 12500 yuan/ton, according to this cost calculation. The hyperbolic aluminum veneer with the same thickness and surface treatment is much higher than the price of conventional aluminum veneer. The price of a 3.0mm thick fluorocarbon aluminum veneer with a conventional aluminum veneer is about 240 yuan/square meter, while the price of a hyperbolic aluminum veneer is at least 500 or 600, and the price of a difficult one is thousands of yuan per square meter. Why is the price of hyperbolic aluminum veneer so expensive??

The high price of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is indeed to make people forget to stop, the main reason is because its production and processing is very difficult. The following small series from the sheet metal processing and paint spraying two aspects of a simple analysis.

On the first hand, the sheet metal forming of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is more difficult. Because the hyperbolic is drawn from the same center to different faces, that is, rolling arc processing. If the curvature and radian change slightly, the manufacturing difficulty will rise sharply, which requires very high processing machinery and equipment. In addition, if the technology of the sheet metal master is not good, it is also very laborious to make such a board. However, there are already manufacturers specializing in the production of hyperbolic aluminum veneer in China, and the specific production method is not known, but the effect and quality are really good.

In the second aspect, the hyperbolic aluminum veneer is generally not sprayed with electrostatic paint due to its special shape. Usually artificial spraying, so as to avoid the plate surface treatment is not uniform enough, thus affecting the decorative effect.

  所以,如果您需要hyperbolic aluminum veneerIf so, if the price quoted by the manufacturer is very high, you don\'t have to mind, this is normal. If you have questions about aluminum veneer or aluminum curtain wall, welcome to inquire Foshan Kaimai.

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