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What are the characteristics of wood grain aluminum veneer

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  • Release date: 2020-09-01 11:33:20
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wood grain aluminum veneerIt is a new type of decorative product that imitates natural solid wood but is superior to natural solid wood. It not only has realistic wood grain texture effect, but also has good waterproof and mildew resistance of wood grain aluminum veneer.
What are the characteristics of wood grain aluminum veneer
Features of wood grain aluminum veneer:
1. Plasticity
Wood grain aluminum veneer can be processed into various shapes, such as punched aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer, punched ceiling aluminum veneer, pillar-covered aluminum veneer and other aluminum veneer, and some materials can be added on the back to achieve sound absorption, sound insulation and other functions to meet the needs of different places, such as conference rooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and decoration of major commercial shopping malls. These solid wood are not comparable.
2. Refineness
The wood grain aluminum veneer has exquisite appearance, rich wood grain patterns, realistic effect, clear texture, and can be proofing according to natural solid wood, with a similarity of more than 98%.
3. Fire resistance
The fireproof performance of solid wood is obviously inferior to that of wood grain aluminum veneer. Imitation wood grain aluminum veneer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which does not have flammability, and the fire-resistant temperature can reach up to 600 degrees.
4. Service life
The service life of the wood grain fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is very long, which can reach 15-20 years or more, while the solid wood will be affected by various factors such as humidity or high temperature in the air, and the service life is far from the imitation wood grain aluminum veneer.
5. Environmental Protection
Wood grain aluminum veneer is environmentally friendly, saves resources, and is carefully made of pure aluminum alloy, which can be fully recycled by 100.
High quality wood grain aluminum veneer identification method:
1. Observe whether the appearance of the wood grain aluminum veneer meets the specifications, whether the quality of the aluminum alloy passes the customs, and the inferior wood grain aluminum veneer will cause product deformation or lighter weight due to the problem of the material itself.
2. Touch and carefully observe whether the spray paint on the surface of the wood grain aluminum veneer is uniform and smooth, and whether the color meets the requirements.
3. Carefully smell whether there is any peculiar smell on the sprayed products, and judge whether the paint materials used for wood grain aluminum veneer are qualified.
wood grain aluminum veneerScope of application: decoration of high-end clubs such as beams, balconies, internal and external walls of buildings, lobbies, conference halls, etc.
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