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Do you know the installation method of aluminum curtain wall

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release time: 2022-06-10 15:23:30
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aluminum curtain wall我相信大家并不陌生,在我们的日常生活中,使用aluminum curtain wall的次数是越来越多,但是有很多安装工人操作不当,所以你理解的正确操作方法Aluminum veneer你明白吗?请跟随aluminum curtain wall小编了解一下。

First of all, in the process of installing the aluminum curtain wall, the corner must be installed according to the level of the product. This is very important and will be the basis for future installations. Therefore, in the installation process must attach great importance to this aspect.

Secondly, according to different needs, there are different architectures, different types and sizes of products and the specific methods of fixed installation are different, so we must install fixed product specifications according to different types and their own needs.

Third, it is a part of the keel hanging buckle of the supporting plate installed in the corner in advance, and the keel of the supporting plate is supported together with the corner of the product. The distance between the joint plate keel between the light steel keel vertically buckled should be based on the specific version of the aluminum veneer curtain wall. After all installation, it must be adjusted to the horizontal position.

Fourth, the gusset plate is fixed on the keel of the product in sequence. After each product is fixed, press the re-lock plate, and then use the connector used when connecting the keel for connection.

Fifth, in the process of installing the aluminum curtain wall, pay attention to wearing gloves to avoid stains on the surface of the product. Of course, if you accidentally get a fingerprint, we don\'t need to panic; you can wash it with detergent.

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