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How to choose the right aluminum veneer?

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  • Release date: 2022-05-18 16:19:08
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Aluminum veneerThe emergence of modern people\'s pursuit of environmental protection and fashion concept, reflects people\'s yearning for the pursuit of green environmental protection life, aluminum veneer products both environmental protection, health, fashion is equal to the advantages, adhering to the spirit of craftsman production, broaden the designer\'s vision, can create exquisite decorative effect.

Aluminum veneer and stone, glass and other curtain wall materials are very popular in the building materials and decoration materials market. Aluminum veneer is light in weight and high in strength, can prevent fire and moisture, is easy to install, has strong weather resistance, and has an outstanding performance, that is, environmental protection and recyclability.

Before the aluminum veneer is used for curtain wall, stone, glass, aluminum-plastic plate is the primary material for curtain wall, can also achieve good decorative effect, but they have a significant deficiency, that is not recyclable, which caused a lot of waste, on the other hand also produced a lot of engineering waste, construction waste, pollution of the surrounding ecological environment.

At this point of green environmental protection, the performance of aluminum veneer is very prominent. At present, China\'s recycling aluminum industry is also constantly developing, the skill strength is also increasing, and the purity of recycled aluminum is getting higher and higher. The aluminum veneer is made of aluminum alloy plate for sheet metal forming and then fluorocarbon paint spraying, so the recovery rate is very high, which greatly reduces the waste of new construction projects and saves resources to a great extent, unlike non-renewable materials such as stone, so the environmental protection performance is very good. From the perspective of environmental protection, aluminum veneer is very advantageous in the building materials market.

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