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Exterior wall aluminum veneer construction should pay attention to what?

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2022-04-26 09:45:06
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Aluminum veneerThe installation is the final stage of the whole aluminum veneer curtain wall project, so the construction process of the exterior wall aluminum veneer is not complicated, which is mainly divided into three steps: preparation, installation and acceptance:

1 Preparation phase

This is the preparation work before the construction of the exterior wall aluminum veneer. Prepare the corresponding materials and tools, check and accept the exterior wall aluminum veneer to be installed, check whether the specifications and dimensions of the aluminum veneer are qualified, and stack the exterior wall aluminum veneer in order.

2. installation phase

After the tools are ready, according to the actual construction situation, reasonably arrange the staff to install the exterior wall aluminum veneer in turn according to the design number. During installation, there is enough installation site on site to prevent accidents during installation or construction troubles caused by too narrow site.

Three. Acceptance stage

After the exterior wall aluminum veneer is installed, some places that need to be sealed or waterproof can be caulked and glued. The size of the filled foam strip should be selected according to the size of the glue joint, and the surface of the exterior wall aluminum veneer should be smooth when filling. In the process of gluing, the glue injection should be continuous and full, and the glue scraping should be uniform and smooth without knife skipping. Tear off the exterior wall aluminum veneer surface protective film for overall acceptance.

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