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wood grain aluminum veneer how to select processing quality excellent?

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2022-03-31 15:52:36
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Friends who have come into contact with aluminum veneer all know that there are many kinds of aluminum veneer, including carved, hollow, full-hole and so on. The function of each kind of aluminum veneer is also different. Wood grain aluminum veneer has opened up a new road for the market development of decorative materials. It is widely used in engineering and decoration. When selecting wood grain aluminum veneer, it must not be careless, because the quality directly affects the safety and effect of the project. If you want to select a good wood grain aluminum veneer, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. carefully observe the surface treatment of wood grain aluminum veneer, wood grain paper itself is very thin, but now many wood grain aluminum veneer manufacturers, in order to attract customers, do not hesitate to quote below the cost price, cut corners to muddle through and reduce the thickness of aluminum plate, but in order to achieve the product thickness required by customers, spray primer when spraying thick. Such products, wood grain paper after thermal transfer, can not be deeply cured on the surface of the aluminum plate, easy to fade discoloration.

2. go to the factory to inspect, what to inspect, whether the factory is really the factory area, whether the machine is advanced, and the manufacturing process. The quality of the process also affects the service life of the product, which is the most easily overlooked place for customers.

3. look at the raw materials, aluminum is divided into several grades according to the purity, generally can judge the pros and cons of the material from the knocking sound, good aluminum alloy material sound crisp and loud.

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