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How much do you know about punching aluminum veneer?

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  • Release date: 2022-03-04 15:50:15
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什么是冲孔Aluminum veneer呢?Punched aluminum veneer就是在Aluminum veneer上用专业数控设备冲压上各种各样孔型的板材,就叫做Punched aluminum veneer,冲完各式各样的孔后经过折弯机压边,外表做氟碳,或粉末喷涂,不让铝板自然氧化,或是为的美观,做上各种喜爱的颜色,让Aluminum veneer变的五彩缤纷,安装在建筑上,起到装饰美化效果。
幕墙Punched aluminum veneer质感独特,色泽丰富、持久,而且外观形状可以多样化,并能与玻璃幕墙材料、石材幕墙材料完美地结合。其完美外观,优良品质,使其倍受业主青睐,其自重轻,仅为大理石的五分之一,是玻璃幕墙的三分之一,大幅度减少了建筑结构和基础的负荷,而且维护成本低,性能的价格比高。就目前国内使用的curtain wall aluminum veneer而言,绝大部分是复合铝板和铝合金单板。各种孔型衬托出不同的特色。Punched aluminum veneer适用于各种汽车展厅专用场所、商业百货大楼外墙,艺术展馆、各大娱乐型场所、品牌服装专卖店等均可以。
Different buildings can choose different schemes to match, which makes the design ever-changing and can design various decorative effects. Each allegro is independent and can be installed and disassembled at will without special tools, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance. Trapezoidal shape is full of stereoscopic impression, closely pieced together for installation, beautiful and novel, convenient for installation and disassembly. Punched aluminum veneer is your first choice for decoration. Don\'t hesitate to choose materials from professional manufacturers.

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