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Introduction of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release time: 2022-02-28 11:59:02
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Outdoor air conditioners have been hung outdoors for many years, and are easily rusted and blocked by dust due to sun, rain, wind and sand erosion, which seriously affects the normal service life of the air conditioner. If the protection is not good enough, dust will enter and exit the internal aluminum plate or the motor and external machine. The aluminum plate on the back will also cause poor heat dissipation, and the shell is easy to corrode. The aluminum alloy air conditioner cover is manufactured to protect the air conditioner, cover the air conditioner, and beautify the appearance of houses and buildings.

The aluminum alloy air conditioner cover is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material. Its main structure is made of a whole aluminum alloy plate according to the size of the outdoor air conditioning host stamping. The large-area opening is conducive to the flow of air flow and reduces the influence of wind on the air conditioning cover. The direct force is reinforced by stiffeners inside the air conditioning cover and at the corners. Greatly increases the strength of the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover. Overcome the phenomenon that large-area exterior wall shutters fall off under the influence of wind or air pressure in the past.

The appearance design patent of the aluminum alloy air conditioner cover focuses on the functional design; the folding appearance is easy to install and transport. Under the condition of ensuring smooth heat dissipation, it can better protect the outside of the air conditioner and is safer and more reliable. The humanized design of the waist mounting hole makes the installation and operation more convenient.

Aluminum alloy air conditioning cover with good design concept and unique product quality, interpretation of modern people\'s taste requirements for fashion, comfort and enjoyment of life, interpretation of fine life, want to bring decoration and protection for air conditioning.

The main advantages of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover are: the production and processing raw materials of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover are new aluminum alloy profiles. Aluminum alloy air conditioning cover quality is very light, easy to install and transport. This is a green packaging green product with strong corrosion resistance and can be used for decades.

Aluminum alloy air conditioning cover appearance design beautiful and generous, simple and elegant. In addition to very good ventilation and heat dissipation performance, the inclined blade design of the entire structure can make the aluminum alloy louver air conditioning cover have many unique functions such as heat preservation and ventilation, shading and summer heat, rainproof and waterproof, and sealing. It can effectively ensure that the outdoor air conditioner is not affected by the harsh environmental conditions of the outside world, and can play a certain role in beautifying the entire building structure.

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