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Why do most construction industries use aluminum veneer?

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2022-02-14 16:45:59
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  With the continuous innovation and development of modern science and technology, the materials used in the construction industry are now more and more modern technology. As one of the emerging building materials, aluminum veneer has been widely used in the market in recent years. Why do most of the construction industry use this material? Mainly because it has a lot of use value and advantages over other materials. Now for everyone to briefly introduce its several characteristics.

Aluminum veneer is very light in weight, but does not affect its quality and toughness strength. It has very good resistance to pulling, corrosion and durability. These characteristics are inextricably linked to their production materials. These advantages alone are enough to make it a place in the construction industry.

Aluminum veneer in the process of processing has a very good process, because it can be processed into a variety of shapes of products for the construction industry to be used. At the same time, its surface can be coated with a variety of colors, and after coating is very uniform. Because the surface is relatively smooth, not easy to be contaminated with some debris, even if the surface falls on the dust, can also be quickly cleaned, easy to clean and maintain in the future.

It is well known that aluminum veneer does not burn. Early when the aluminum plate is not fireproof, but with the continuous development of aluminum-plastic panel technology, the production of fireproof aluminum-plastic composite board due to the addition of non-toxic flame retardant materials in its PE, the fire performance is greatly improved, has been completely not afraid of fire, greatly improve the fire safety measures.

The installation process of aluminum veneer in the construction is also very convenient, because it has been processed in the factory, so it is very convenient to install in the process of use. And this material is environmentally friendly materials, there is no pollution to the environment, and even it can be recycled, which is very beneficial to environmental protection. Aluminum veneer can be recycled, which is different from glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum-plastic panels and other decorative materials, and the value of recycling is higher. Because aluminum veneer has these excellent characteristics, it has been widely loved in the market in recent years.

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