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Main considerations for aluminum veneer device

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  • Release date: 2021-12-31 16:59:44
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1. When transporting, take it lightly. After a strong impact, the corners of the aluminum veneer and its layout will be damaged, thus affecting the construction and consuming money.

2. The aluminum veneer device should also pay attention to the maintenance of the board surface, do not touch the air with the board surface, so as not to scratch the decorative surface.

3. The type, quality, color, pattern and line of aluminum veneer should meet the design requirements and have a product certificate.

4. Curtain wall frame such as the use of steel keel, its specifications, shape should meet the design requirements, and should stop rust, rust disposal.

5. Aluminum veneer device, when there is no special request for design, it is best to use blind aluminum rivets, and the rubber ring must be padded in the middle. The spacing between blind rivets shall be controlled within 100-150mm.

6. After the aluminum veneer device is completed, pay attention to tear off the maintenance film after 3 days. If the time is too long, it will be difficult to tear off, and it will affect the appearance after tearing off.

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