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Advantages of wood grain aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-12-16 14:10:35
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What are the advantages of wood grain aluminum veneer itself? On this issue, wood grain aluminum veneer small braid with your detailed understanding.

1. The quality of wood grain aluminum veneer is lighter, which follows the good steel and strength of aluminum alloy material, and the tensile strength in the use of processing is good.

2. The wood grain aluminum veneer not only adopts fluorocarbon spraying technology, but also carries out vacuum pumping wood grain transfer process, which makes it have double-layer protection effect in use, and has better ability to resist corrosion and environmental climate change. It has many applications in offshore operations, traffic engineering and so on.

  3、wood grain aluminum veneer表面光亮平整,制作简单,在工厂基本成型,进行施工安装的时候秩序进行简单的整合裁剪,无需进行复杂的深加工,方便快捷。4、wood grain aluminum veneer可以借助科学的物理计算?通过多种手段进行温度调节、缓解压力冲击。在采用固定板块的条件下还能保持使用的平整、稳定。

5. The surface of the wood grain aluminum veneer is bright, and it is not easy to be contaminated with dust when used, and it is also convenient to clean. Its good non-tackiness makes it difficult for ordinary dust to adhere to its surface. Wood grain aluminum veneer is now widely used in indoor and outdoor occasions, including airports, subways, exhibition halls, commercial centers and so on.

Advantages of wood grain aluminum veneer

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