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Causes of color difference in aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-12-06 17:59:41
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The cause of light. Color difference will appear in different viewing angles, such as a piece of aluminum veneer, there is no color difference from the front, but there is color difference from the left side, and the color difference from the right side is very small. This is because the light irradiation angle caused by different reflection.

2. The color card sample cannot be copied. In order to allow customers to choose or determine a certain color, the aluminum veneer factory will first prepare the paint in the laboratory, apply it to a small metal plate, and then send it to the oven for heating. The color samples from the laboratory are mass-produced on the production line after asking the customer for confirmation. At this time the factory products a little color. The production line cannot replicate the prototype in the oven.

The working conditions of the processing equipment are different. The paint processing part adopts imported guns, and the part adopts domestic, automatic spraying or manual spraying. Different tools have different effects. Baking in the furnace mainly depends on the temperature and residence time of the high temperature zone. The temperature and residence time must be just right, which is technically difficult to control. If the temperature is too high, the color will be darker, otherwise the color will be lighter. White paint is the most prone to color difference.

4. Different colors of paint have different degrees of difficulty in producing color difference. Among them, white, black, red and dark blue are more prone to color difference; different types of paint will also have color difference, polyester paint and fluorocarbon paint will have color difference.

Causes of color difference in aluminum veneer

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