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Identification of aluminum veneer

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  • Release date: 2021-11-10 18:00:50
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  Now the quality of aluminum veneer in the market is almost uneven, the majority of products. How to choose a high-quality aluminum veneer? Before you purchase, be sure to know its relevant characteristics, so aluminum veneer Xiaobian teach you two ways to identify.

1. Judging by the material of the aluminum veneer, the general aluminum veneer manufacturers use the more common common aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles, and aluminum-manganese alloy profiles. However, the hardness of these three materials is decreasing in turn. When you buy, try to bend the aluminum veneer with force to judge the stress state of the aluminum veneer. Generally, the aluminum veneer that can be easily bent is made of recycled aluminum or unqualified ordinary aluminum plate.

2. Judging from the surface treatment of aluminum veneer, the surface treatment methods of aluminum veneer generally include spraying, roller coating, film coating and baking varnish. The service life of aluminum veneer materials treated by spraying and baking varnish is relatively short, and there will be color difference in surface treatment, while the aluminum veneer products treated by roller coating have uniform color and luster, and are not easy to fade and change color, basically, it can be stable for 10 years without discoloration.

Identification of aluminum veneer

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