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After years of development, the domestic aluminum veneer production process has become diversified, such as baking varnish, coating, spraying, roller coating, AO anodizing and other processes. AO anodizing is the most widely used process, which can ensure that the aluminum veneer will not fade for a long time.


       也正是因为这些不同生产工艺的制作下,Aluminum veneer的特性才会更好的发挥出来,从而更好的被人们所用,为城市的美好建设起着重要的作用。

Aluminum veneer is a new type of curtain wall material that uses high-quality aluminum alloy sheet as the base material, and then undergoes CNC bending and other technologies to form, and the surface is sprayed with decorative coatings.


      作为一种外墙建筑装饰行业中常用装饰材料,Aluminum veneer逐渐成为一名强势成员,在室外幕墙领域中应用广泛。Aluminum veneer正以其突出的优点,越来越受到市场的青睐。

China\'s architectural decoration aluminum products started late, in advanced countries have decades of history, China only started in the 1980 s, with the development of reform and opening up, China\'s construction aluminum products industry is developing faster than any other country. In the early 1980 s, it developed from aluminum doors and windows to aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, and in recent years it has developed into hidden frame glass curtain wall and various forms of glass lighting roof. With the development of aluminum alloy hidden frame curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall has also sprung up, with the use of aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, today, whether in metropolises or small towns will see a block of different forms, colorful aluminum curtain wall project. Make China\'s high-rise buildings more glorious and gorgeous, forming a variety of colors, a variety of materials combined into a beautiful curtain wall pattern.


      Aluminum veneer幕墙板可细分为:单层板、铝塑复合板、铝蜂巢板3种典型Products,广东Aluminum veneer manufacturers表面可形状式多样冲孔,冲方格孔, 蜂窝型孔,冲圆孔,吸音孔等。可做成氟碳,烤漆,喷油。
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