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Aluminum veneer manufacturers should pay attention to personalized differences

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  • Release date: 2021-04-22 14:14:59
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Aluminum veneer manufacturers should pay attention to personalized differences
Products用途室内Single aluminum veneerThe common application places are indoor ceiling, package column, package beam, wall and so on.
What are the excellent characteristics of punching aluminum veneer
Reinforcement in the aluminum veneer curtain wall to play what kind of role.
建筑上使用的Aluminum veneer包括单层Aluminum veneer、复合Aluminum veneer等多种材料,一般常常指单层Aluminum veneer(也有叫单Aluminum veneer或纯Aluminum veneer),多用于建筑装饰工程中,近年来在Aluminum veneer幕墙中单层Aluminum veneer使用的较为多见。
From the perspective of market demand alone, many industries now have more demand for aluminum veneer, because many people want to be more beautiful and generous in the decoration process, and hope to be simpler in the choice of materials, so the effect will be better.
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