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Why do aluminum veneer need welding

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-04-02 11:27:05
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We all know that aluminum products can usually be welded. But why do aluminum veneer need to be welded? What to consider. Today, aluminum veneer manufacturers will solve this problem. In fact, industrial welding aluminum veneer is very common. Traditional aluminum veneer does not require welding. However, in the forming process of aluminum veneer, welding process is often used.
Why do aluminum veneer need welding
Welded aluminum veneer can meet many modeling requirements. Generally speaking, if aluminum veneer is added in the welding process, the product price will be higher. This is mainly because in the welding process, the technical level of the operator and the quality requirements of the aluminum plate are relatively high. The following also consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. So, although the cost is high, we can accept it.
Because the welding process is more complicated, I will tell you about welding knowledge:
1, should be welded once, try to avoid secondary welding. Because the secondary welding is easy to cause deformation of aluminum veneer.
2. The torch flame should not be too long, and it must be heated with a small fire, otherwise the dispersant aluminum plate is easy to melt.
3. The welding time should not be too long, because the melting point is too low and the time is too long, it is easy to cause the aluminum plate wall to melt or thin, and the curtain wall aluminum plate is easy to leak during the pressing process. The importance of welding on the one hand to achieve forming, on the other hand, welding can also play a fixed role, to avoid aluminum veneer in the final use and transportation process deformation.
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