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What are the differences between fluorocarbon aluminum veneer and polyester aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release time: 2021-03-25 10:54:01
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We often hear fluorocarbon aluminum veneer and polyester aluminum veneer, for newcomers to the industry will feel very strange, but listen to the name and feel very fierce, make a confused. In fact, these two kinds of aluminum veneer is different, although it is a kind of aluminum veneer, but polyester aluminum veneer, generally used for interior wall decoration, and fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, generally used for exterior wall decoration, and the thickness of the best 3mm or more. This also confirms what we said before that the most easily distinguishable place between indoor and outdoor aluminum veneer is the thickness. We know that polyester and fluorocarbon are two kinds of chemicals, and the fact is that polyester and fluorocarbon are both a kind of paint, which is used to coat the surface of aluminum veneer. High quality fluorocarbon aluminum veneer surface should present a strong metallic luster, bright color, three-dimensional sense of strong. After the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is dried in the paint film, the surface sometimes appears as rough and uneven as sandpaper. The reasons for the rough and uneven are generally related to temperature, spraying distance, pressure, environment, etc.
What are the differences between fluorocarbon aluminum veneer and polyester aluminum veneer
  说了这么多Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer与聚酯Aluminum veneer哪个更贵呢?毫无疑问是氟碳的更贵,究其原因主要是质量原因,而且Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer的成本较高的,但是如果想得到具体价格还需要根据设计师的图纸才能定义,据我们的师傅介绍不同颜色,尺寸,规格都会直接影响到销售价格。Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer主要是两涂,70%以上氟碳含量,表面刮掉一层油漆还有一层底漆。用膜厚仪测,>0.025㎜。用丁酮擦拭200次不露底。正是因为质量较好,所以本身比较耐酸碱性,这一点在用在外墙装饰的时候是很重要的,那氟碳板耐酸碱性的原理是什么呢?我们从字面上知道,这种板材首先是一种铝材,铝金属是一种比较容易发生化学反应的材料,一般情况下,纯铝制造的Products都会比较容易受到空气中的污染物腐蚀。那既然如此又是因为什么促使它耐腐蚀呢?原来其表面的氟碳涂层可以隔绝空气与铝合金板的接触,保护铝合金板不受到外界污染物的污染,可以使沾在Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer表面的灰尘及污染更容易被清洁,只需要一场雨水即可起到自洁的作用。在这里值得一提的是,Aluminum veneer的自清洁功能非常的有用。试想一些高楼大厦以及户外我们不用来清洗它们,非常的方便。
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