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Exterior wall aluminum veneer how to maintain

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-03-12 15:04:47
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Exterior wall aluminum veneer as an important part of the decoration industry. Although the exterior wall aluminum veneer superior performance, but still need daily maintenance, then the daily maintenance of the exterior wall aluminum veneer need to pay attention to what? Good daily maintenance methods, can greatly extend the service life of the exterior wall aluminum veneer, in addition, after maintenance, the surface of the exterior wall aluminum veneer more glamorous, more prominent aluminum veneer superior performance, gold aluminum for you to list a few maintenance methods:
Exterior wall aluminum veneer how to maintain
第一.exterior wall aluminum veneer抛光,如果是细小的刮痕,可以直接用卫生纸或者是抹布沾少许牙膏擦拭,如果是大刮痕的话,我个人介意用砂纸磨exterior wall aluminum veneerIf sandpaper is used for grinding, the product will be scrapped and the whole surface will be scratched, which will be even worse.
Second. Exterior wall aluminum veneer will deform when heated at about 70 degrees, and will soften when heated to more than 100 degrees, so it should be avoided to apply to places above 100 degrees.
Third. Exterior wall aluminum veneer should take soft cloth scrub, do not use any cleaning agent containing granular objects, do not use a variety of chemical bath agent scrub.
Fourth. Exterior wall aluminum veneer is easy to crack, take and place should pay attention to the protection of the surface.
Fifth. The thermal expansion coefficient of the exterior wall aluminum veneer is large, and the temperature change should be considered when placing or fixing, so as to leave a space for expansion and contraction.
Sixth. If the exterior wall aluminum veneer products are not damaged, IPS adhesive glue adhesive dichloromethane adhesive or quick-drying agent can be used.
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