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Carved hollow aluminum veneer to relive the glory of modern architectural art

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  • Release date: 2020-11-10 09:10:33
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Carving is the artistic beauty of ancient Chinese architecture. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that no house can be carved, and it is expensive to have a carving. Carved patterns, or brilliant atmosphere, or classical and elegant, always attract people to stop and savor. Carved hollow aluminum veneer to relive the classic Kaimai building materials interpretation of modern architectural art brilliant
借鉴古代精湛的雕刻艺术,利用现代的科技,凯麦通过电脑数控冲床机在Aluminum veneer上雕刻出各种各样的图案,Carved aluminum veneerHollow carving art is very rich, the theme is also very wide, different styles, in the spirit of adhere to the traditional culture of the past for the present, so that in the long river of history, with the progress of science and technology and the maturity of technology and innovation, perfect, development, become a beautiful landscape of modern architecture.
In the design of aluminum veneer carved pattern, the pattern can be provided by the customer, or the carved pattern can be customized by the professional designer of Kaimai according to the customer\'s style preference. Everything is consumer-centered, in order to fully meet the personalized and actual needs of customers. In the actual production and processing of products, the company adopts advanced hollowing-out cutting technology to precisely cut the aluminum plate according to the pattern, with high process accuracy and no damage to the surface. When processing the workpiece, it is cut in a cooled state without deformation, the cutting surface is smooth and does not sting hands, has no burrs, and has small cutting gaps. It can adapt to the production of various high-precision, complex drawings, large-format and other pattern cutting.
Kaimai adopts a strong combination of high-quality plates and advanced technology, giving aluminum veneer products significant advantages such as lightweight, strong plasticity, good durability, and environmental protection and recyclability. At the same time, the art engraving board is highly decorative. Through the illumination of light, it can also Reflect the unpredictable and gorgeous space, which is very popular and loved by consumers. At present, Kaimai hollow carved aluminum veneer, including carved aluminum veneer, relief aluminum veneer, punching aluminum veneer, etc., has been widely used in various metal curtain walls, ceilings, columns and other design, can play an important role in shading, ventilation, beautifying the appearance of the building, not only to meet the functional needs of the space, but also highlight the unique personality style.
Today, Kaimai carved hollow aluminum veneer has become a domestic commercial plaza, high-rise buildings, airports, hotels and other external wall decoration of a wide range of needs. Among them, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, Ganzhou Huajian Commercial Center, Foshan Audi 4S Store, Foshan Pingzhou Jade Street, Hubei Toll Station, Jiuquan Zi Yuan, Tianjin Linquan style and other large-scale domestic construction projects have all adopted Kaimai\'s carved hollow aluminum veneer.
Taking the aluminum veneer project of Ganzhou Huajian Commercial Center as an example, in this project, Kaimai uses punched aluminum veneer to splice together to form a huge branch pattern. Each aluminum veneer pattern is different and is formed by changing and matching holes of different sizes. The pattern lines are bright and elegant, breaking through the traditional modeling concept and creating a visual feast for people in appearance.
The highest difficulty coefficient of the project is the aluminum veneer project of Hubei toll station, which is built by Kaimai and uses embossed multi-color aluminum plates. According to the actual situation of the project and the needs of customers, Kaimai uses multi-color fluorocarbon spraying technology to make the whole picture without any welding or collage, but uses the whole aluminum plate to be made by hand through hammering, beating, carving and pressing, and finally provides it with relief multi-color aluminum veneer with excellent quality. The product is not corroded by ultraviolet rays, humidity, temperature and atmosphere, will never fade, and has a super stereoscopic impression, with a concentrated sense of spatial depth and intense visual impact, it adds a touch of magnificent artistic appeal to the Hubei toll station.
Each process is permeated with the spirit of the craftsmen, and each piece of carved aluminum veneer is full of unique vitality. Kaimai carved hollow aluminum veneer is not a cold industrial product. It inherits the essence of ancient times and combines exquisite modern engraving technology. It has unique style and durability. Kaimai always uses building materials to continuously express the glory of modern architectural art.
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