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Several specifications for manufacturers of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-10-14 16:19:08
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In the case of purchasing fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, the selection of manufacturers is a more critical stage, and how to select high-quality fluorocarbon aluminum veneer building curtain wall manufacturers is very important. Taking kaimai decoration materials co., ltd. as an example, it is possible to distinguish whether fluorocarbon aluminum veneer building curtain wall manufacturers are very worthy of your long-term cooperation from many comprehensive standards.
In the case of selecting fluorocarbon aluminum veneer processing manufacturers, the vast majority of suppliers pay more attention to the price of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturers. The lower the price, the more popular it is. This has led to the more extreme price strategy on the market at present. In order to reduce the cost, many manufacturers use low-quality raw materials to produce and manufacture, fake and inferior, and many construction quality problems have arisen, for suppliers who have no working experience, it is a big loss.
There are many specifications for selecting high-quality fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturers. kaimai decoration materials co., ltd. gives you examples of many crucial factors: product quality, supply rate, working ability, price, engineering construction process work experience, etc., followed, for example, the overall strength of the manufacturer (including production line equipment, product quality, production capacity size, operation scale of the waiting room, working capacity of working capital, working experience of engineering construction process, online and offline user evaluation), the price of the processing plant, the main production force (delivery date) and other aspects to carry out the basic of distinguishing the cooperation of the manufacturer.
Resolving several specifications of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturers:
1, related quality
Kaimai Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. has 15 years of experience in the production and manufacture of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, and its technical relativity is relatively perfect. The warranty period for the product is 15 years, which is relatively good.
2. Relevant customization
It is suitable for fluorocarbon aluminum veneer specifications, models, specifications and thin thickness customization, with high coordination ability. It is completely free of charge to take samples of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer samples, which is convenient to select by reference, more personalized and more applicable.
3. Relevant qualification certificates
There are tens of thousands of large and medium-sized fluorocarbon aluminum veneer engineering construction processes in China\'s provinces, and the credibility level is relatively guaranteed.
4, related technical
Kaimai Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. has 25 years of working experience in the field, excellent production line equipment, experienced production and manufacturing elite team, technical professional design department, and efficient engineering construction elite team. From on-site investigation to engineering drawings to production and manufacturing to installation, a set of steps are more detailed and efficient, greatly reducing the supplier\'s cost and capital investment, and feel at ease.
5, the relevant color
Kaimai Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. can carry out color tones according to the paint color cards or commodities presented by customers. It is suitable for customization, with improved flexibility and high accuracy.
6. Relevant service items
Technical personnel can go to most provinces across the country to carry out technical and specific guidance within 24 hours, and the after-sales maintenance service level is relatively good.
7, the relevant supply cycle time.
Kaimai fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturers own industrial workshop production and manufacturing, quality and progress control in a timely manner, short delivery time, faster speed, high efficiency, the basic time is seven days or so
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