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aluminum plate carved
aluminum plate carved

aluminum plate carved

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aluminum plate carved
  镂空雕花装饰工艺自古有之,尤其是在复古建筑装饰材料中,我们经常见的木质艺术花格、雕花刻字牌匾,具有强烈的民族特色,而今随着工业时代的到来,镂空雕刻技术变的方便快捷,花型也千变万化。当然也需要厂家精湛和细腻的工艺设备,以及专业的设计方案合理搭配花式,才能把各种图案元素融入建筑装饰板材中,为各种装饰场合带来时尚又个性的艺术空间。aluminum plate carvedThe visual space of the flat panel can be extended, with the effect of light transmission and transparent scenery. The three-dimensional impression of the wall can be generated by matching decoration according to different patterns, patterns and hole patterns with sparse sizes. The artistic style can be processed in combination with different construction environments, breaking through the traditional modeling concept, and filling various leisure clubs, exhibition halls, karaoke bars, theaters, office blocks and other places with endless visual space.
Hollow carving is a process of mechanical penetration carving on aluminum plate to create various patterns and patterns. The overall decorative effect of aluminum plate carving is beautiful and elegant. However, because the strength of the overall plate surface decreases after hollowing, the thickness of aluminum plate material cannot be too thin. Usually, manufacturers are required to calculate the hollowing rate and select plates with appropriate thickness for processing to ensure safety, beauty and no deformation after installation.
However, hollowed-out carving is only a general process name, but there are many types of specific processing equipment. Generally, macro aluminum veneer manufacturers choose a reasonable scheme for carving according to the material thickness. Generally, common CNC and numerical control turret can be used for carving within 3.0mm ~ 5.0mm of the 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm, while CNC carving tool diameter is 3.0mm ~ 6.0mm, so if the corner radius of the pattern is less than 3mm, you need to use laser engraving. However, the cost of laser engraving is relatively high, so the average customer would rather modify the drawings and seldom use laser engraving aluminum veneer products. However, water engraving uses CNC engraving machine to convert drill bit tools into high-pressure water guns for hollowing out ultra-thick aluminum plates between 5.0mm and 20mm. This product is generally used for solid aluminum screens and has relatively high cost. Moreover, the linear accuracy is not as smooth as the appeal process, and it is usually necessary to polish the engraving line twice.
what kind of carving process better:
  就工艺而言没有那种工艺更好、那种不好的说法,各有各自的特点,aluminum plate carvedIt is cheap, but it has a large processing radius compared to laser engraving. Although 3mm tools can also be used, it is easy to break the tools and the entire processing speed will also decrease. Laser engraving precision is very high, but the cost is too high, water carving can process ultra-thick aluminum veneer, but the line accuracy is low. Therefore, only according to the pattern drawings, using reasonable equipment for processing.
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