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Carved aluminum veneer
Carved aluminum veneer

Carved aluminum veneer

If you are interested in our company\'s carved aluminum veneer products, you are welcome to call us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with the solution of carved aluminum veneer products, so that you can not only get new products with great value for money, but also get our intimate service.

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Carved aluminum veneer

Carved aluminum veneerIt is to carry out punching, carving, hollowing and other technological treatments on the surface of the aluminum plate, which can be processed into various complex shapes, which makes the aluminum plate more artistic and has more diversified decorative effects. The aluminum plate carving is to carve various patterns or hole patterns (simple and complex) on the surface of the aluminum veneer according to the design requirements of customers through some machines and equipment.
Hollow aluminum veneer and carved aluminum veneer are used as engraving works of art. Advanced numerical control laser engraving equipment is used to engrave the aluminum plate according to the design figure. The process has high accuracy and does not damage the surface. During processing, the aluminum veneer is cut in a cooling state without deformation. The cutting surface is smooth and does not sting. It is suitable for engraving various complex patterns such as high precision, complex maps, large maps, special-shaped maps, and graphs, and graphs, aluminum plate can be processed into various specifications and different shapes of non-standard carved aluminum veneer, hollow aluminum veneer, carved according to the requirements of the designer, customized into a variety of ceiling, curtain wall, column and other decorative patterns, can meet the customer\'s pursuit of aluminum veneer decoration fashion personality.
Different patterns, sizes and dense patterns change and match make the board surface dynamic and stereoscopic, and carry out special-shaped treatment in combination with different appearance environments. In addition, the lines are more lively and elegant, breaking through the traditional modeling concept, and are more suitable for various modern senior clubs, offices and other occasions. It opens up endless thinking space for the energetic fashion family and is indeed a practical and beautiful new decoration form.
Hollow aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer surface coating using the United States of America Langan fluorocarbon spraying equipment and selection of the United States Aksu fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating, to ensure uniform surface color, anti-ultraviolet radiation, oxidation resistance, super corrosion resistance, ten years of quality assurance. According to the design requirements, can be customized into a variety of ceiling, modeling aluminum veneer, curtain wall, all kinds of hollow carved aluminum veneer, beautiful shape, rigorous structure, rich and colorful carving pattern gives super vitality, make it more ornamental.
镂空Aluminum veneer、Carved aluminum veneerNot only can it be used for interior decoration ceiling, screen, balcony, partition, etc., but also can be used for curtain wall decoration, such as: lobby facade, lobby ceiling, large building exterior wall, main conference room, package column decoration, sound insulation building facilities, gymnasium, airport, station, subway station and so on.
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