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wood grain aluminum veneer
wood grain aluminum veneer

wood grain aluminum veneer

If you are interested in our wood grain aluminum veneer products, you are welcome to call us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with solutions for wood grain aluminum veneer products, so that you can not only get new products with great value for money, but also get our considerate service.

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wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer is a high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material, according to the size, shape and structural form of the project site design through numerical control bending technology, and on the basis of its surface fluorocarbon spraying using Italian wood grain film, after vacuum treatment, the wood grain film pad printing to the fluorocarbon coating of aluminum veneer on a high-grade metal decoration material.

The wood grain aluminum veneer adopts the international advanced new pattern decoration materials, the pattern is high-grade and gorgeous, the texture is lifelike, the color is bright, the pattern is firm and wear-resistant, and does not contain harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Non-toxic is conducive to environmental protection, so that you no longer have to decorate the paint and glue substances bring odor and harm to the body and worry. Wood grain aluminum veneer is of excellent quality and is the preferred material for high-grade architectural decoration.

Wood grain aluminum veneer features

1. It has the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity and high strength. The 3.0mm thick aluminum plate weighs 8kg per square plate, and the tensile strength is 100-280n/mm2

2. Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The use of kynar-500, hylur500 as the base material of pvdf fluorocarbon paint cocoa to make the aluminum veneer surface 50 years without fading.

3. Good craftsmanship. Using the first processing and then painting process, the aluminum plate can be processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and sphere.

4. uniform coating, color diversity. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between the paint and the aluminum plate uniform, color diversity, the choice of space.

5. Not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. Fluorine coating film non-adhesive, so that the surface is difficult to adhere to pollutants, but also has a good self-cleaning.

6. Installation and construction is convenient and quick. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory, and the construction site does not need to be cut and fixed on the skeleton.

7. Recyclable and environmentally friendly. Aluminum plate can be recycled by 100, which is different from glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum-plastic plate and other decorative materials, with high recovery residual value.

Application of wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer is used in various metal curtain wall panels and metal ceiling panels. It is suitable for a variety of living and working places, such as indoor, outdoor, airport, subway, light rail, station, exhibition hall, hospital, administrative office building, commercial building and other places, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Advantages of wood grain aluminum veneer

1. Exquisite appearance, rich wood grain pattern, realistic effect and clear texture.

2, fire resistance: corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, hardness and strength are solid wood floating method compared.

3, anti-rust, anti-damage, anti-ultraviolet.

4. Long service life, can keep 10-15 years without discoloration or deformation.

5, strong plasticity, can be processed into a variety of complex shapes, the back can be filled with heat preservation, sound insulation, sound absorption and other materials, so that its function is more rich.

6, environmental protection, protect the ecological environment, reduce the waste of material resources.

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