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Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer
Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

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Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Curtain wall aluminum veneer is a new type of curtain wall material that uses high-quality aluminum alloy sheet as the base material, and then forms through numerical control bending and other technologies, and the surface is sprayed with decorative coating.

Brief introduction of aluminum veneer

Curtain wall aluminum veneer substrate using 1100H24, 3003H24, 5005H24 curtain wall special single-layer aluminum alloy plate.

curtain wall aluminum veneer

The structure of curtain wall aluminum veneer is mainly composed of panels, reinforcing ribs and corner codes. The maximum size of the formed workpiece can reach 8000mm × 1800mm(L×W). The coating adopts famous brand coatings such as PPG in the United States, Valspar in the United States, Akzo Nobel AkzoNobel in the Netherlands, KCC in South Korea, etc. The coating is divided into two coatings and one baking, three coatings and two baking, and its coating performance reaches the AAMA2605-98 standards of AAMA (American Building Manufacturing Association) and ASCA (American Building Spraying Association).

Normal thickness: 1.5mm/2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm


Material and structure

Aluminum veneer is divided into two types from the specifications: aluminum veneer with a thickness of less than 1.2mm is called aluminum gusset plate (also called aluminum square plate), and aluminum veneer with a thickness of more than 1.5mm is called aluminum veneer. Aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy plate, and its common thickness is 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0MM, model 3003, state H24. Its structure is mainly composed of panels, stiffeners and corner codes. The corner code can be directly bent and stamped from the panel, or riveted on the small edge of the panel. The reinforcing ribs are connected with the electric welding screws (the screws are directly welded on the back of the plate surface) behind the plate surface, making it a solid whole, greatly enhancing the strength and rigidity of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, and ensuring the flatness and wind resistance and earthquake resistance in long-term use. If sound insulation is required, high-efficiency sound insulation materials can be installed on the inside of the aluminum plate.

Surface treatment of aluminum veneer for curtain wall

The surface of aluminum veneer curtain wall is generally treated with fluorocarbon spraying after pre-treatment such as chromating. Fluorocarbon paint topcoats and varnishes of polyvinylidene fluoride resin (KANAR500). Generally divided into two coated, three coated or four coated. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, excellent cold and heat resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, can maintain long-term non-fading, non-chalking, long service life. Selection of world-renowned fluorocarbon paint manufacturers PPG, DNT, AKZO, NIPPON and other companies of high-quality fluorocarbon paint, color selection is wide, customers can directly according to the color plate provided by the manufacturer to choose or provide color plate samples.


1, light weight, good steel, high strength 3.0mm thick aluminum plate per square weight 8kg, tensile strength of 100-280n/mm2

2. Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Using kynar-500, hylur500 as the base material of pvdf fluorocarbon paint can reach 25 years without leg color.

3, the process is good. Using the first processing and then painting process, the aluminum plate can be processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and sphere.

4. Uniform coating and diverse colors. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between the paint and the aluminum plate uniform, color diversity, the choice of space.

5, not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. Fluorine coating film non-adhesive, so that the surface is difficult to adhere to pollutants, more good to clean.

6. The installation and construction are convenient and quick. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory, and the construction site does not need to be cut and fixed on the skeleton.

7, can be recycled, conducive to environmental protection. Aluminum plate can be recycled by 100, which is different from glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum-plastic plate and other decorative materials, with high recovery residual value.

Installation of curtain wall aluminum veneer

1. building curtain wall aluminum veneer used tools:

Toothless saw blade cutting machine, hand electric drill, impact electric drill, nail gun, various specifications of drilling flower, wrench, screwdriver, hand hammer, ink line, line vertical, nylon line, steel tape measure, electric welding machine, oxygen cutting equipment, driven suction cup, electric hanging blue, glue gun, pneumatic riveting gun, safety belt, etc.

Preparation before mobilization of 2. materials:

As the initial stage of the project, this division of labor should be completed on schedule, with quality and quantity guaranteed, based on the principle of construction service, as follows:

After the contract is signed, the (I) designer shall put forward the material use schedule of the project in the shortest time according to the architectural drawing and curtain wall engineering scheme drawing of the project.

(II) the project manager department and the production department cooperate with each other, make the processing plan of the project according to the construction schedule and the actual situation of the project site, reasonably organize and arrange the production, and ensure the timely arrival of products.

3. installation process

setting out & rarr; connecting piece of fixed frame & rarr; fixed frame & rarr; installation of aluminum plate & rarr; treatment of closing structure & rarr; inspection

4. building curtain wall aluminum veneer installation matters needing attention

1. The variety, quality, color, pattern and line of aluminum veneer shall meet the design requirements and have a product certificate.

2, curtain wall frame such as the use of steel keel, its specifications, shape should meet the design requirements, and should be rust, rust treatment.

3, aluminum plate installation, when the design is not required, it is appropriate to use the core of aluminum rivets, the middle must be padded rubber ring. The spacing between blind rivets should be controlled within 100-150mm.


Fix the skeleton and bounce the position of the skeleton to the base. The skeleton is fixed on the main structure, and the quality of the main structure shall be checked before setting out.

(II) Attachment of Fixed Frame

The frame is fixed by welding connectors on the columns of the main structure.

(III) fixed skeleton

The skeleton shall be treated with anti-corrosion treatment in advance. The installation framework shall be in accurate position and firmly combined. Check center line, surface elevation, etc. after installation. In order to ensure the installation accuracy of the plate, it is advisable to use theodolite to penetrate the mullion rod of the beam. Deformation joints, settlement joints, variable cross-section, etc. shall be properly treated to meet the use requirements.

(IV) mounting aluminum plate

The installation of aluminum plate should be firm and reliable, simple and easy to use.

1. The gap between the board and the board should be internally treated to make it flat and smooth.

2. After the aluminum plate is installed, cover and protect the parts that are easy to be contaminated with plastic film or other materials.

Development history of curtain wall aluminum veneer

China\'s architectural decoration aluminum products started late, in advanced countries have decades of history, China only started in the 1980 s, with the development of reform and opening up, China\'s construction aluminum products industry is developing faster than any other country. In the early 1980 s, it developed from aluminum doors and windows to aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, and in recent years it has developed into hidden frame glass curtain wall and various forms of glass lighting roof. With the development of aluminum alloy hidden frame curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall has also sprung up, with the use of aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, today, whether in metropolises or small towns will see a block of different forms, colorful aluminum curtain wall project. Make China\'s high-rise buildings more glorious and gorgeous, forming a variety of colors, a variety of materials combined into a beautiful curtain wall pattern.

As a form of curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall is mostly used for wall protection and non-lighting walls, instead of mosaic and general sandblasting exterior wall. As a kind of aluminum veneer curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall has advantages in the use of high-rise buildings with its light texture and good strength. As high-rise buildings are always subjected to various loads, especially wind pressure, mosaic is easy to fall off, and curtain wall materials with weak hardness will deform due to large wind pressure. High-rise building as a large use of curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall based on its unique advantages and a large number of use.

For a long time, 3mm aluminum veneer has been used more abroad as curtain wall material. In order to reduce the weight of aluminum plate and increase the strength of aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate is used in our country, and the aluminum plate made of No. 21 antirust aluminum code LF21 is often used as the curtain wall aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate was reduced from 3mm to 2.5mm, but the strength of the alloy was about twice as high as that of the pure aluminum plate.

The material is light and the strength is good. These characteristics make the production and application of aluminum veneer develop rapidly in our country in recent years. With the continuous development and improvement of the production process, equipment, management and application level, aluminum veneer as a high-quality material is more and more It has received great attention from all walks of life in building curtain wall and building decoration. Especially as a high-quality curtain wall material, it has received more and more attention from all walks of life.

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