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Stone grain curtain wall aluminum veneer
Stone grain curtain wall aluminum veneer

Stone grain curtain wall aluminum veneer

If you are interested in our company\'s stone curtain wall aluminum veneer products, you are welcome to call for advice. We will wholeheartedly provide you with the solution of stone curtain wall aluminum veneer products, so that you can not only get new products with great value for money, but also get our considerate service.

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Stone grain curtain wall aluminum veneer

Stone pattern aluminum veneer is made of high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material, while the green view building materials imitate marble pattern aluminum veneer stone pattern is close to nature, beautiful and generous, breaking the traditional curtain wall solid color style decoration; Marbled walls make people no longer have the sense of suffocation and depression of the cement walls of urban high-rise buildings, but the freshness and elegance of the stone walls.
Stone grain aluminum veneer features:
(1) Lightweight, good rigidity and high strength
(2) good flame retardancy, in line with fire requirements: aluminum trim with high strength aluminum alloy and fluorocarbon (PVDF) paint or panel, with good flame retardancy, can be fully accepted by the fire.
(3) The best weather resistance, self-cleaning and anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistance, under normal outdoor conditions, can ensure the best color, fluorocarbon base material KYNAR500, HYLAR5000, content of 70%, can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet attack. Special molecular structure so that dust can not be attached to the surface, with good self-cleaning.
(4) the processing performance is good, can be processed into a flat panel, arc plate surface and spherical panel and other complex geometric figures, fully express the designer\'s concept, not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain.
(5) wide color optional, rich, good visual effect, excellent decorative effect
(6) recycling, green environmental protection: aluminum decorative parts due to the use of gloss is a matte type of finish coating, not only to maintain the international popular bright style, but also to solve the problem of light pollution caused by the glass curtain wall, and aluminum veneer is the first choice of green environmental protection decorative materials.
(7) Light weight, aluminum plate decoration is mostly made of high-quality aluminum manganese and aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is light in weight, and modern welding technology is adopted at the interface, and reinforcing ribs are adopted on the back to ensure that the aluminum curtain wall has a flat surface, wind pressure resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance, lightning protection, and effectively reduce the load on the building.
(8) construction fast, more cost-saving: aluminum trim factory has been formed, no post-processing, so the construction only need to be directly installed, low cost, quick replacement.
Surface treatment of stone grain aluminum veneer:
Stone grain aluminum veneer is mainly used in building indoor and outdoor decoration, with fluorocarbon paint made into stone color, the formation of aluminum veneer stone decorative surface, its light weight, easy installation, beautiful decoration and other characteristics can replace marble.
Stone grain aluminum veneer is the use of advanced spraying equipment, the coating technology and digital color printing process combined, through accurate numerical control positioning, in many times in the process of painting and baking pattern, in the aluminum veneer sheet metal surface, overprint the stone paint.
The characteristics of Thai aluminum building materials stone grain aluminum veneer:
1、石纹纹Aluminum veneer涂层耐用。经受224℃~255℃高温,形成的烤漆干膜厚度为:聚酯20μm~25μm,?氟碳25μm~30μm。另在表面罩10μm厚清漆。靠优质保证了耐候性能,可用于建筑外墙装饰。
2. The stone grain on the surface of the aluminum veneer is sampled from the real material, which is rich in stone texture and has a more realistic effect. And there are many surface stone patterns, which can create more beautiful styles on the existing stone lines and colors.
3. Stone grain aluminum veneer has high surface gloss, smooth surface without oil stains, and easy to clean.
4. The recyclability of stone grain aluminum veneer is more worthy of promotion.

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