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Two processing steps of hyperbolic aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-09-17 09:05:42
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Aluminum veneer可以算的上是现代幕墙设计的首选材料了,而从事幕墙装饰工作的人基本上都知道,在幕墙设计中,少不了使用到hyperbolic aluminum veneer。下面来祥hyperbolic aluminum veneerThe manufacturer explains the two major processing steps of hyperbolic aluminum veneer for everyone.
Two processing steps of hyperbolic aluminum veneer
Like ordinary aluminum veneer products, the processing steps of hyperbolic aluminum veneer can be divided into two parts:
sheet metal processing
Sheet metal processing is mainly aimed at the general direction of the appearance and size of the hyperbolic aluminum veneer. The processing process is to use cutting, folding, arc bending, welding and polishing processes to process the aluminum veneer into the shape and size required for construction. This part of the process determines the important parameters such as the radian and appearance of the aluminum veneer. The processing difficulty of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is mainly reflected in the sheet metal processing technology.
spraying processing
Aluminum veneer industry is now basically the use of machine spraying, but the machine spraying is generally only applicable to the rules of the flat, in the processing and production of hyperbolic aluminum veneer, many manufacturers still choose to use manual spraying, so as to avoid uneven paint coating, thus affecting the appearance of hyperbolic aluminum veneer.
  以上是Hyperbolic aluminum singleThe two major processing steps of the board, in fact, can also be seen from it, the processing difficulty of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is relatively large compared to other aluminum veneer. Therefore, this is also the main reason for the slightly higher price of hyperbolic aluminum veneer.
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