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Beautiful decorative effect is the advantage of hyperbolic aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2020-04-23 16:57:46
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National Grand Theatre

As a member of the aluminum veneer products, hyperbolic aluminum veneer that wonderful arc is different, full of line sense. Elegant radian, making the decorative effect and visual impact of the steep increase. In reality, there are many such engineering cases, such as the National Grand Theater, Wangjing SOHO, Harbin Grand Theater, Foshan Hefei Grand Theater and other engineering projects, all of which are decorated with hyperbolic aluminum veneer, and their display power is extraordinary.

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer has good decoration, mainly reflected in its unique shape and paint color selection. When it comes to the shape of hyperbolic aluminum veneer, hyperbolic refers to the overlapping of two different arcs on the same surface, that is, starting from a different center of the circle and drawing arcs in two radii, while the common wave shape is single aluminum veneer. When many people first enter this industry, they often have the illusion that they can\'t figure out the difference between hyperbolic aluminum veneer and single aluminum veneer. The same is true at the beginning of Foshan Aluminum Ding Xiaobian. Now with the growth of industry experience, the contact with aluminum veneer products is becoming more and more abundant, and it is only gradually understood the original mistake.

Galaxy SOHO

The surface of the hyperbolic aluminum veneer can be sprayed with electrostatic paint according to actual needs, and the choice of colors is very rich. According to the use of different occasions, personalized spraying and processing. Because of its personalized shape, hyperbolic aluminum veneer is mainly used for some spherical buildings or curved buildings, such as several hyperbolic aluminum veneer engineering cases in the above examples. The visual effect is very good and makes people feel very atmospheric.

  hyperbolic aluminum veneerThe decorative effect is very good, but not all aluminum veneer projects are suitable for it. Each project should be based on its actual needs, choose suitable for their own projects of aluminum veneer, in order to make the building more their own characteristics.

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