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  • Aluminum veneer manufacturers

    domestic famous aluminum veneer manufacturers, to provide you with high quality aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall and other products

    Domestic well-known aluminum veneer manufacturers, to provide you with high-quality aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall and other products
    • Kaimai has its own factory, at the same time, the use of Germany fully automatic imported machines to better ensure product technology, quality and so on;
    • Advanced equipment and technology, for customized products can guarantee the delivery time on schedule;
    • As a government unit designated products are exported to domestic and foreign.
  • Aluminum veneer

    Factory direct sales, more cost-effective

    Direct sales from manufacturers with higher cost performance
    • Professional service system in the design, construction, material supply, quality supervision and other aspects to provide the best quality service!
    • With an annual production capacity of more than 500,000 square meters of fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum curtain wall and 1 million square meters of aluminum ceiling.
    • The COMPANY has been affirmed by the INDUSTRY in terms of scale, equipment and function.
  • Hyperbolic aluminum veneer manufacturers

    Strict production links to ensure product quality

    Strict production links ensure the product quality
    • Kaimai has advanced testing technology and quality control system;,
    • Product materials strictly follow the ISO9001:2000 international quality certification, processing technology at home and abroad has a certain position;
    • Quality first, integrity first, first-class service as the COMPANY's business philosophy, to create a high-quality brand.
  • Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

    High-quality aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall and other product quality, improve the COMPANY's visibility

    High quality aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall and other product quality, improve the COMPANY's visibility
    • Kaimai covers Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, South China and other regions, while supporting 7*24 hours logistics distribution, installation;
    • Intimate after-sales service and regular visits, for you to solve some of the problems encountered in the use of aluminum veneer;
    • Perfect after-sales service, one-to-one service, service 24 hours online, better guarantee your rights and interests.


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Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, installation and technical services of aluminum veneer, aluminum alloy air conditioning cover, aluminum ceiling aluminum building decoration materials; Kaimai COMPANY is located in Siwei Dawang High-tech Industrial Zone, with a production base of more than 50000 square meters, five branch factories, and a production base of more than 20000 square meters in Chengdu, southwest China, the group COMPANY has all kinds of aluminum products machining equipment, more than 200 sets of numerical control equipment, cutting-edge machining center and large-scale automatic electrostatic spraying production line, and has a professional design center. The COMPANY has established a system of production, supply, marketing and logistics support, with a complete organization and a group of more than 1000 employees......

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  • Introduction of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover

    Answer:Outdoor air conditioners have been hung outdoors for many years, and are easily rusted and blocked by dust due to sun, rain, wind and sand erosion, which seriously affects the normal service life of the air conditioner. If the protection is not good enough, dust will enter and exit the internal aluminum plate or the motor and external machine. The aluminum plate on the back is also......

  • What is the acceptance standard of aluminum curtain wall

    Answer:The installation quality acceptance of aluminum curtain wall is related to the effect of building appearance. As the most direct manifestation of building exterior wall decoration, the acceptance standard is the key, and it is necessary to check whether the installation process meets the relevant standards stipulated by the state. So what kind of aluminum curtain wall is qualified?......

  • Aluminum veneer installation process

    Answer:aluminum veneer installation process: 1. Frame installation 2. Aluminum plate customization........

  • General problems of aluminum veneer workshop

    Answer:With the development of the times, people's requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher, and a new type of decoration material is urgently needed to fill the vacancy in the market. Aluminum veneer has entered the Chinese market in such an environment. With the development of aluminum veneer in China for 30 years, it is now......

  • What are the storage environments for wood grain aluminum veneer

    Answer:Wood grain aluminum veneer is a kind of aluminum veneer product with surface treatment of wood grain transfer, and it is also a product that imitates nature and goes beyond nature. Now everyone is advocating a healthy life of environmental protection and greening. With the enhancement of environmental awareness, modern life has appeared more and more......

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