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What are the main reasons for the color difference of aluminum veneer

  • Author: Kaimai
  • Release date: 2021-03-30 11:53:12
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Aluminum veneer in the process of using the color difference, then what is the cause of this situation.
What are the main reasons for the color difference of aluminum veneer
1. Dyeing solution temperature.
The dyeing of aluminum veneer is divided into cold dyeing and hot dyeing. Cold dyeing is used for a long time in the production process and has a good grasp of color uniformity. Heat dyeing is used for a short time, but it is difficult to manipulate the color. Thermal dyeing temperature is generally 40C60C if the temperature is too high. Will reduce the adsorption of dyeing, easy to make the surface of the aluminum plate flowering.
2. The effect of oxide film on the quality of aluminum veneer.
Oxide film refers to the thickness of aluminum veneer hole barrier rate transparency. The thickness of the oxide film in the aluminum plate can be kept above 10 microns. Porosity and transparency can be obtained. The best dyeing quality can be obtained.
3. The concentration of staining solution.
The concentration of the staining solution is related to the staining. Aluminum veneer after coloring. Low concentration. The dark color concentration is slightly higher. If the dyeing concentration is high, it will produce uneven color or floating color, which is easy to appear during cleaning and turning off the flow color. In order to improve the adsorption capacity of dyes to dyes, low-concentration colors are used to extend the dyeing, so that the dye molecules penetrate more evenly into the depth of the oxide film holes, and the colors are more harmonious and firm.
4. The influence of aluminum veneer parts raw materials.
Under normal circumstances, high purity aluminum, aluminum magnesium, aluminum manganese alloy in the production process after anodic oxidation, its dyeing performance is the best, can be dyed into a variety of colors. For heavier plates of silicon or copper. In the dyeing process can only be dyed dark and black, the color is more monotonous.
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